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Secure your internet connection!

What can VPN do?

The main usage of VPN

Hide your online Identity
Wifi & Public Hotspot Protection
Bypass Website Censorship
Access Hulu or Netflix from anywhere in the world

Our Features

100% no logs kept

No one can trace your activity

High Encryption

Support PPTP, OpenVPN & L2TP

220Gbps Servers Nodes

No lags in Peak hours

7 days Money back Guarantee

Spend only if you are satisfied with us

Unmetered Speed

We don't throttle your speed in any way

24/7 Support

We are always available to help you

Access to any servers

No extra charges for location, you get to use all!

All features at 1 price

A balance of cheap and quality VPN service

Some other things you should know...

We are adding new servers every month. That means you have more servers to access for any package you buy from you us with no additional charge!
We don't keep logs in our server. When your local law enforcement really come knocking at your door, using our VPN service ensure that you are with clean hands.
We are able to provide you at this price because we don't invest in fancy GUI or advertising. Neither do we create confusing packages to have you spend more. We keep things as simple as it is to cut cost.

Benefits of using VPN

Online Security

VPN can encrypt your connection when you are surfing. This can prevent sniffer to hack your e-mails and password from browsers cookies when you are connected to Public WiFi.

Anonymous Identity

Once connected to WooVPN's IP, your IP is masked. The logs from your ISP are also masked. By using VPN therefore deters any party from tracing your online activities.

unblock websites

Your ISP may have blocked certain websites due to government regulation. Or your college may have created proxies to block access to certain Websites. WooVPN can unblock all these censorship.

International IP

When using VPN, your IP appears as if they reside from another country. This therefore allows you to access geo location websites such as Hulu, which is only accessible in the states.

Skype and P2P Applications

Many countries throttle Peer to Peer application. By using VPN, it can bypass ISP throttling and download at your full cable speed.

Better than Proxy

Proxy needs configuration for application. But by using VPN, it creates tunnel for your whole internet connection thus is easier to use, having better security and better speed.


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